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IV Infusions Therapy Clinic

IV Infusions Therapy Clinic in Edinburg and Mission, TX

IV infusion therapy is an advanced therapy that can help you look and feel healthier by providing an adequate supply of vitamins, electrolytes, and nutrients. Catalyst Medical Group offers IV infusion therapy for health benefits. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Edinburg TX, and Mission TX.

IV Infusions Therapy Clinic Near Me in Edinburg and Mission, TX
IV Infusions Therapy Clinic Near Me in Edinburg and Mission, TX

Table of Contents:

What is IV infusion used for?
Are IV infusions good for you?
What are the types of infusion?
Why would you need IV infusions?

IV infusions are IV fluids that are liquids, specially formulated to treat dehydration, nutrition enhancement, and other health concerns. They are injected directly into the vein. IV treatment has gained in popularity in its ability to help people recover from hangovers and to be used to increase vitamins and nutrients to boost energy and metabolism.

What is IV infusion used for?

IV infusion is the process of injecting medication or other fluids into the body. Some drugs can only be used intravenously or they lose their effectiveness if they are exposed to the digestive system. IV therapy is used when oral medications are not available or cannot be taken. IV infusions are also used when medication needs to get into the system very quickly. It can also be used to provide nutrition.

Most often, IV therapy is used to treat chronic medical conditions. The list of medical conditions can be quite extensive and include:

– Psoriasis
– Hyperemesis
– Gout
– Psoriatic Arthritis
– Rheumatoid arthritis
– Lupus
– Dermatomyositis
– Anemia or iron deficiency
– Ankylosing spondylitis
– Inflammatory bowel disease
– Primary immune deficiency diseases
– Multiple sclerosis
– Magnesium deficiency
– Opioid and alcohol dependence
– Post-operative hydration

Are IV infusions good for you?

IV therapy is known for its ability to hydrate you and make you feel your best. It can improve conditions that affect the digestive system, like Crohn’s disease, colon cancer, ulcerative colitis, and cystic fibrosis. IV therapy can deliver the needed medication and nutrients to the body quickly and effectively, allowing for greater absorption.

IV therapy can be used to improve your cardiovascular health. Amino acids and minerals can be injected to help relax blood vessels and help the regulation of contracting and dilating of blood vessels.

IV therapy can be used to boost energy by injecting B vitamins and amino acids that help the body use the protein more effectively. This will also boost your natural energy levels and can curb cravings for unhealthy foods.

IV therapy can also be a good way to boost your immune system with antioxidants, like vitamin C and minerals, such as zinc that is very helpful in boosting the immune system. It is also useful in helping to maintain weight by providing the nutrients that boost your metabolism.

What are the types of infusion?

Infusions come in different forms, depending on what you are treating or promoting. There are four main types of infusions:

IV of intravenous therapy is the most common. It delivers fluid containing the medication or nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Most people will have this done when they go in for surgery.

Epidural injections are delivered directly to the spine. This is most often done to deliver pain medication to the spinal column for severe back pain, women giving birth, or pain in the pelvic regions.

Subcutaneous infusions are the second most common type. Their most common use is for insulin injections. The medication is delivered through the second layer of skin, known as the cutis.

Intramuscular infusions are injections directly into the muscle. The medicine is quickly absorbed into the muscle and then slowly released into the body.

Why would you need IV infusions?

There are many reasons to need IV infusions. Often the need is related to chronic illness. You may also need it if you require a drug that isn’t effective if it is taken orally. Another need for an IV infusion is when you need medication delivered very quickly or are dealing with dehydration and need fluids immediately. You may also want IV infusions to help promote better health.

There are many benefits to IV therapy and Catalyst Medical Group can help you if you need IV treatments for illness or to improve your life. We also offer IV therapy to correct vitamin and nutrient deficiency. To find out more, call our friendly staff for an appointment or you can book an appointment online. We look forward to your visit and hope to see you healthier than ever! We serve patients from Edinburg TX, McAllen TX, San Juan TX, Alamo TX, Pharr TX, Palmhurst TX, Mission TX, Alton TX and Palmview TX.

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