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Family Planning Program

Family Planning Program in Edinburg and Mission, TX

Whether you are thinking of starting a family or looking to protect yourself from any unplanned pregnancies, the Catalyst Medical Group family planning program is available to anyone wanting to utilize it. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Edinburg TX, and Mission TX.

Family Planning Program Near Me in Edinburg and Mission, TX
Family Planning Program Near Me in Edinburg and Mission, TX

Table of Contents:

What is the purpose of family planning?
What is included in a family planning program?
What are the three methods of family planning?
Is there a family planning program near me in Edinburg, TX?

What is the purpose of family planning?

Family planning gives the opportunity to couples to attain their desired number of children, if they want any, and to determine how far in between they want to get pregnant and have children. Family planning is successfully achieved through the use of contraceptive methods and the treatment of infertility.

Contraceptive informational measures and services are made available to the public for the health and human rights of all individuals. The prevention of unintended pregnancies helps to keep maternal ill-health and the number of pregnancy-related deaths low by delaying pregnancies in young women who are at a higher risk of health-related issues from early childbearing, and preventing risks of health problems from early pregnancy, and preventing them among older women who can also face increased health risks.

What is included in a family planning program?

Family planning programs are available to the public as a health program for families who need family planning services, it is intended to increase ease of access to confidential family planning services and to enable teens, women, and men of childbearing age to offer prevention or reduce any unintentional pregnancies.

Family planning services include:

– FDA-approved contraceptives, devices, and supplies
– Male and female sterilization
– Emergency contraceptive services and follow-up health care
– Family planning counseling and preventative screening as well as options available to the public before they become pregnant
– Pregnancy testing and counseling
– Health history and physical examination
– Screening and treatment for any STI’s
– Screening for cervical cancer or urinary tract infections
– Diagnostic lab testing
– HIV testing and counseling
– Counseling in relation to pregnancy, informed consent, STI/HIV risks
– Bone density scan
– Ultrasound

What are the three methods of family planning?

There are a few methods available to the public in the form of family planning, these methods are:

– Long-acting reversible contraceptives which include IUD implantation
IUD’s can last anywhere from three to ten years and are known as get them in and forget about them due to the ease of birth control contraceptive

– Hormonal contraceptives including birth control methods like the pill or the ring
To help prevent pregnancies, there are different options like the pill, which you take daily, the patch and ring, which is switched out each month, and the depo shot which is injected.

– Barrier methods like condoms
These methods are one-time use only and are best used in conjunction with birth control methods like contraceptives.

– Permanent contraceptive like vasectomies and tubal ligation
Prevents all future pregnancies, depending on the type you receive, the permanent one is difficult or almost impossible to reverse.

– Emergency contraceptive
Emergency contraceptive includes an emergency pill and a copper IUD which offers emergency protection.

– Fertility awareness
Provides information on the signs to look out for within your menstrual cycle to help you plan or even avoid a pregnancy.

Is there a family planning program near me in Edinburg, TX?

Yes! Catalyst Medical Group in Edinburg, Texas offers a family planning program to individuals and couples who are wanting to prevent or plan for pregnancies and make sure they get all the correct information firsthand from our medical doctors on staff.

With the internet being an easy tool to access information, you have to be careful what you read and what you will take as advice, as not everything on the internet is correct or confirmed by medical professionals. Having a conversation with your doctor is the best way to protect yourself from any issues like STI’s or having unplanned pregnancies.

If you are wanting to look into family planning for yourself or as a couple, reach out to us at Catalyst Medical Group today. We serve patients from Edinburg TX, McAllen TX, San Juan TX, Alamo TX, Pharr TX, Palmhurst TX, Mission TX, Alton TX and Palmview TX.

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